Audrey Yang

Audrey was raised in the illustrious San Fernando Valley in Southern California, land of strip malls, mall rats, and all things shopping! She moved to Santa Cruz attending UCSC and majored in fine arts. Leaving the bikinis, beaches and boardwalks was tough, but San Francisco living is the perfect combination with a small neighborhood feel and big city happenings.

She has a love for muu muu's and capes, whiskey, and The New Yorker. She currently resides with her black lab and lovely boyfriend.

Susanna Taylor

Susanna was raised in Richmond, Virginia and was voted most likely to "never wear the same outfit twice" in her high school yearbook. She ventured north and graduated from the University of Vermont with a BA in Political Science and Asian Studies.

After 4 years, she decided to leave her hippie past and traded in her patchwork for Pucci. By way of New Zealand and Thailand, Susanna moved west and made the Bay Area her home. Susanna adores tequila, fried chicken, and mini dresses. Her favorite holiday is Bay to Breakers and her go-to Karaoke song is "Son of a Preacher Man." If challenged she will most definitely beat you in Wii bowling.


Meet our shop dog, Maile. Also known as The Moo. Although she thinks she is human, she is the sweetest and most well trained black lab.

She loves to play ball and has perfected the adorable head tilt. If you stop in and rub her belly you'll have a friend for life.


Meet our resident pup, Bernie. You might've see this squishy face napping in the window or greeting her adoring fans by the front door since she was only 8 weeks old.

This little lady loves trips to the beach and strutting through Golden Gate Park. Her best friend is Rick, who owns the Animal Company next door, and if you stop in and give her a treat then you will have a friend for life.